Software tools

Other useful software tools that are not part of the "official distribution" such as:

  • "higher-level" plotting and manipulation routines in R
  • VPRM preprocessor
  • Met preprocessor

Plotting and manipulation routines in R

Interesting R packages


Functions available within the stiltR code:

flttrack.r plots the flight tracks on top of map (Cartesian projection)

imagell.r plots nice color plots with maps (Cartesian projection)

footplot.r plots footprint with maps (Cartesian projection)

VPRM preprocessor

The current version of the preprocessor for VPRM (to generate MODIS fields for STILT and WRF) can be downloaded here

WRF-STILT interface

A technical description of the WRF-STILT interface can be found in:

  Nehrkorn, T., J. Eluszkiewicz, S. C. Wofsy, J. C. Lin, C. Gerbig,
  M. Longo, and S. Freitas, 2010: Coupled weather research and
  forecasting - stochastic time-inverted lagrangian transport
  ({WRF-STILT}) model. Meteor. Atmos. Phys., 107 (1), 51-64,