How I can download STILT from SVN (Subversion) as an registrated developer?

- You have to install the SVN subversion version control system

  at your client first. See for more information

Which GUI to the SVN version control system are recomendable ?

- There are some third-party clients for svn with a Graphical

  User Interface.

  For Windows a simple good third party client is TortoiseSVN
  ( which expands the Windows-
  Explorer to svn functionality by clicking the right mouse button.

  CrossVC ( can work with SVN and CVS and is
  a multi-platform software for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X

  Subclipse is a plug-in providing support for Subversion within the
  Eclipse IDE. 

  For more information to third part clients see at :

How I can ckechout) a working copy from SVN (Subversion) as an registrated developer or user?

- The following remarks are for getting a working copy from

  the SVN-repository by using the command line under linux. 

  For using third party GUI clients see the instruction at the 
  corresponding homepage using the links at 

  1.) Please test, if the command "svn" is available at
      your system. If this command is not found, add the
      path to svn to your environment variable.

  2.) Make a directory for your working copy directory, like
      mkdir ~/svn_STILT_test.

      ATTENTION : During the test phase for the SVN-STILT
                  repository, select a test directory, which
                  is NOT your current working directory for
                  the CVS working directory.

  3.) go in the working directory using cd ~/svn_STILT_test

  4.) The following command make a checkout of a trunk working copy : 
      svn checkout --username USER